The Road to 100 Founder's Club

Getting Started: $250 buy-in for a single person, $350 for a couple. Membership is limited to 100 people and a lifetime membership.


Membership perks include: 

  • First year Mug Club membership free (likely to be our second year open because you'll be busy walking down the Road to 100.) 
  • $1 off your first 100 beers at the taproom (called " The Road to 100") see what we did there.... smooth. 
  • Shorthead gift cards never expire to Founders Club members. 
  • Access to merch, beers, and cans a week prior to their launch on the market.  
  • Shorthead will have a special tap only for Founders and Mug club members at the taproom. 
  • Founders will be invited to special private tours, brew days and events.   


The Road to 100 Rules: 


  • 100 beers equal 100 points.  
  • Member numbers will be given as they reach 100 points.  
  • Every beer purchased at the taproom is worth one point.  
  • Stay tuned as other opportunities for members to earn double points to speed up their way to earning their very own numbered golden shovel, personalized portrait magnet, and one sentence quote summing up their Road to 100


Special Prizes: 


On your way to finish the Road to 100 there will be special gifts given at milestones:  

  • For every beer purchased at the taproom you will receive a point.  
  • At 25 points (beers): you will receive your official Shorthead Founds club T-shirt and unlock earning double points for the next 5 visits to the taproom.  
    • The catch to get double points is you must bring a new person that has never visited the taproom and talk them into signing up for our rewards program and or emailing list. (We know this seems like a pyramid scheme as you only need five people to sign up; but we're not...we swear)  
  • At 50 points: you will receive your official Founders club hat and our admiration for your support!  
    • You will also be able to get double points for your next five beers, all you'll need to do is tag us in a picture wearing your Shorthead merch on social media and show us your post on your next visit!  
  • At 75 points: you will receive a Founders club 24 oz beer mug that we will fill for the same price! As a founder you will always be welcome to fill the mug for the regular price of a pint or we can just fill it at a pint level, your choice.  
    • Just don't break it because they're limited and carelessness will not come with a new mug, it must be cherished! 


The end of the road.... 


  • At 100 points: you will receive a custom Shorthead Founders club golden shovel with your member number on it! These numbers will coincide with Mug club numbers (i.e 1-100 Founders 101-hopefully more... Mug clubbers) as a founder we will also give you the option to pick your number 1-100 as you finish as long as the number is still available, we understand that people may not want to wait to become we will let you choose!  
  • As for those Founders that reach 100 points and still have 1$ off your first 100 beers, we will tally up how many beers you saved by using the extra ways to earn points and double your number of $1 off beers! 
  • There will be many more events and fun perks along the way! We can assure you The Founders Club will be a very fun experience for all of us! 

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